Equipped with excellent maneuverability both with motor and rowing, it is a very dry boat at sea with excellent stability and little roll on the wave. The whole deck is on one level, which makes it easier to use, both as a sundeck and as a classic goiter by removing the hatches. The hull is built in hand-layered fiberglass with structural stiffeners and a double bottom in fiberglass for a reserve of buoyancy. The deck is hand-layered sandwich fiberglass. Between the counters and the double bottom we mount vertical bulkheads in plywood of iroko, mahogany, okumè for a better use of space. Closed and soundproofed engine locker. The edges, of classic workmanship, are in solid iroko or ash or mahogany wood and complete the classic look of the gozzo. Four rowlocks with stainless steel oarlock, supplied, for the use of the rowing gozzo. Excellent for pleasure trips along the coast as well as for sport fishing.

The Patrone goiter “Spigola” is a very powerful classic style gozzo, characterized by a slender bow forward, to cut the waves well.

  • Certification CE “C”
  • Lenght (Lh) m. 5,20
  • Beam (Bh) max m. 2
  • Draft m. 0,45
  • Displacement kg. 530
  • Engine max kw 44
  • Fuel capacity l. 20
  • People n° 5
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