Building begins with the project on paper..

..where your dream-boat takes her first shape. Building boats that can stand the test of time is our first goal. The shipyard has all the facilities necessary for the construction of the entire product. The machinery in accordance with law regulation and the high professionalism of our workers guarantee you the highest quality.

CE certifications

CE certifications are carried out on-site by relevant authorities.

Restructuring and repair activities

The shipyard is able to offer different solutions to meet the special needs of its customers

The painting of boats requires large spaces

for this reason, the shipyard has dedicated a special building of 550 square meters to this activity, with all the necessary legal amenities such as air purifiers anddust extractors.

We offer our customers a “Courtesy Service”

Offering a vast portfolio of professional services aims to ensure that your goiter always maintains its original quality, efficiency and timeless charm.
Our ‘COURTESY SERVICE’ includes indoor storage for the winter seasons and a complete overhaul so that you can always find your boat ready to ride the waves.