Patrone chose Tommaso Spadolini for the challenging project of designing a new gozzo to mark the shipyard’s centenary and to be a worthy heir of the iconic Patrone boats from the Sixties.

After opening up this particular commission to a variety of studios, Patrone chose Tommaso Spadolini for the challenging project of designing a new gozzo to mark the shipyard’s centenary and to be a worthy heir of the iconic Patrone boats from the Sixties.

“We were not asking for a simple restyling, but for a completely new boat that embodied the elegance, charm and nuances of the boats of Italy’s golden decade while projecting them into the future.” (Cit. Gianarnaldo Moreno)

And so Patrone 100 is born. Its elegant yet sportive lines bring to mind memories of the glamorous speedboats of the 1960s, incorporating them into the timeless design of the Ligurian gozzo and adding a contemporary twist to meet the needs of modern owners.

This masterpiece of technology and design not only evokes its glorious ancestors, like the windshield and the possibility of opting for the outboard motorization, but it cleverly reinterprets the desires of today’s customers who demand more comfort, compared to the sportiness of the speedboat.

For this reason, free from fading fashion trends, Patrone 100 offers an unprecedented sense of interior and exterior space for a boat of its size – 10 meters.

It is a gozzo characterized by light and space, by constant visual contact with the sea, thanks to the large and uninterrupted windows of the hull that almost reach the apex of the bow.

The stylistic element of the T-top was also designed by virtue of its functionality: shading and repairing a large part of the external aft deck, without sacrificing the 360-degree exposure on the water.

The entire deck was meticulously designed to allow the owner and his/her guests to enjoy convivial moments in the open air, with areas for relaxation, conversation and sunbathing. In line with the Italian DNA of the brand, there is also a comfortable open-air hob, easily accessible under the foldable driving seats for unforgettable aperitifs and lunches overlooking the sea.

On deck, the tradition of wood and its enduring bond with the sea and the craftsmanship of the shipyard have remained a defining feature.

The lower deck allows for a high degree of individualisation. Various layouts have been designed to satisfy different customers’ desires: a Deluxe version designed for those who travel mainly as a couple and appreciate the privacy and comfort, as well as a Family version that features a second cabin.

“Patrone 100 is inspired by the flagship models of the’60s and ’70s, giving new splendor to the era of the “dolce vita” of yachting. It is the materialization of Patrone’s legacy created to satisfy the tastes and needs of contemporary owners”. (Cit. Benedetta Moreno)

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